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What We Do

Scintillating, skillful, and joyful BRAND ADVOCATE who crafts your company story to create strategic offers which attract quality prospects. 

I add value and increase ROI through:


- offline PR

- internal/external COMMUNICATIONS





- CONTENT MARKETING strategy and execution

What the CONTENT WRITING PEOPLE can do for you:


Our excellent writers provide companies with high-quality, readable, Google spider findable content for any type of product, service, or company under the sun.  When you contractwith us, you are guaranteed to receive top-notch writing with precision details in the quickest turnaround times.  We write the copy that makes the whole (internet) world read.  From marketing materials to press releases to SEO articles, product reviews, and blogs.  The Content Writing People prepares it for you.  Our team of writers knows and understands how important fresh, readable copy is for your online business -- that’s why we do it so well!


Type of Projects: 

There are a number of projects we can complete for you.  We are capable of providing batches of 20, 40, 60 . . . .and on of any level word count you require.  We do not stop exactly at the 300 or 500 word count mark; we’re better than that.  We want people to read your copy and enjoy reading.  That’s why style and flow are critically important to us.  Press releases, twitter, blogs, e-zine articles, keyword generation, and lengthier articles are all well within our realm.  Any project you can think of for any type of product, service, or business is what we can write about.


Keyword Density/SEO:

Finding solid key words which will help the Google spiders find your site and bump its page ranking is also one of our specialities.  We use the latest state of the art techniques for online content so that your content is directed to the people you need it to be.  Our copy is not “overstuffed” like a turkey or “too formulaic.”  It is readable, intelligent copy with appropriate keyword density. 


Client Attention/Intention:

At THE CONTENT WRITING PEOPLE, we know that every copywriting project has its own specific, individual requirements.  That’s why we listen so closely to our clients and make sure that we’re giving them precisely what they need.  We provide beautifully written, stimulating copy which stays “on-message” and invites new customers to your business.  No project is ever too large or too small for our team of writers.  We value our return customers and love having return business and referrals.  That’s why you are always able to reach us when you need to via Skype, telephone, e-mail, or even good ole-fashioned face to face.  We want our clients to be satisfied with our work and to know that their specific needs are taken care of. 


Competitive Pricing:

All of our projects are evaluated individually and include every single aspect of the job.  There are no hidden extra costs, unexpected surprises or rising costs.  Our commitment to writing excellence and complete customer satisfaction means that all prices are subject to individual negotiation depending on the project itself. 

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